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[Patternfly] PatternFly reference implementation is moving to v2.0.0

We are butting up against a limitation of Internet Explorer 8 and 9 that is going to require a major version increment of the reference implementation to 2.0.0.  This limitation only allows for 4096 CSS selectors in a single CSS stylesheet.  PatternFly v1.3.0 (the latest release) currently has 3467 selectors.  With the planned feature additions already in development, we’ll exceed the IE8&9 limit.  :(

The version increment to 2.0.0 is required because:

If continued support of IE8&9 is required, we’ll have to split PatternFly’s single CSS file into multiple CSS files.  

For IE8, that means a markup change to include at least one additional CSS file as respond.js (the utility used to make IE8 responsive) does not support @import directives within CSS files.

For IE9, no markup change is required as @import directives within the existing patternfly.*.css will work fine.

If we are able to drop support for both of these browsers, no change is required to the CSS, but we will still need to increment the version number because we’re no longer supporting previously supported browses (IE8&9).

In talking with the various dev teams, it seems fairly clear that dropping support for IE8 is doable today.  Anyone disagree?

Can we also drop support for IE9 while we’re at it?  IE9 should have fairly low usage given IE10&11 are both available for Windows 7 SP1 and up.


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