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Re: [Patternfly] James Falkner - PatternFly intro

Hi James, 

I am sure Leslie or serena will be able to tell you more about whats the road map and project details

As for getting your hand dirty PatternFly comes in 2 flavours: a base implementation over bootstrap (just html/css) and an angular version with all the components as angular directives.

If you are looking for the angular version then Dan, Jeff or Dave will be able to give you a tour.

Otherwise I can help you out. I recommend you install it with grunt and use it as a dependency for your project. That way you can easily upgrade when new versions are available.

If you want, find a gap on my calendar or just ping me on IRC anytime, my nick is agalante. I will show you around patternfly, how to install it and how to use it.

Have a great weekend,


On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 5:38 PM, Catherine Robson <crobson redhat com> wrote:
Hi all -

Meet James!  James is a new middleware TMM who has been looking at UI solutions for a few reasons:

1. To make demos that we build in Red Hat to showcase our product's capabilities better looking and more usable UIs
2.  To consider what our User Interface technology & solution story is for our customers

I'd like for the team to introduce him to PatternFly and show him what capabilities already exist, as well as what areas we're looking to build out in the upcoming months.  He's also a hands-on guy - so just getting him started with PatternFly and pointing him to the right places to use it as soon as possible would also be great!


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