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[Patternfly] March Community Meeting Notes

Thank you to everyone who was able to join the March PatternFly Community meeting. We had 25 participants join the call and some great discussion. I captured the following action items that will be added in the PatternFly backlog. 

- Define best practices and use case definitions for multiple line area chart (request from Andreas Nilsson)
- Key Value Pair definitions and recommendations (request from Robb Hamilton)  
- Heat Map: Add recommendations pertaining to frequency of updating. Take into consideration the use case of rapid updating. (request from Jessica Forrester)
- Zooming on chart - Need to test if the secondary nav is necessary. (request from Jessica Forrester)
- Include the use case in Notification Drawer if the notifications cannot be marked read. (request from Jessica Forrester and Ben Petersen)
- How will we address automated dismissal for notification in a drawer if an issue is resolved? To be discussed when we address Event Management. (request from Andreas Nilsson)
- Bug identified for Brand SVG files. PF team to address white space and provide an answer if it is possible to get logo without type. (request from Robb Hamilton)

If you missed today's meeting or want to view/download the slides, you can find links to these resources here: https://www.patternfly.org/community/monthly-community-meeting/

Our next meeting will take place April 20. Please let me know if there is any additional requests or questions before then. 

The PatternFly Team


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