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[Patternfly] Join us for the PatternFly Community Meeting

Join us tomorrow, October 5, at 10AM EST [1]. I will be in training tomorrow but Andres will lead tomorrow's meeting. Please note that the call-in number is different than usual (I just updated the invite). For those of you that may not have the meeting on your calendar, the call-in info [2] is also listed below. 

We will be demoing and covering the work completed for sprints 23 and 24 including: 

Component Related Work: 
* Table View (PatternFly Core - code currently in a feature branch)
* Wizard (PatternFly Core) 
* Forms
  * Hide/Expand Advanced Options (docs + visuals) 
  * Conditional Hidden Fields (visuals) 
  * Layout (docs) 
* Bullet Chart (docs + visuals posted to GitHub) 
* Tabs Responsive Design (docs) 

Web Component Investigation:
* Polyfill Sufficiency Spike 
* Web Component as a base for framework integrations 
* Styling Web Components 
* Getting custom elements to work in IE10 

Other Updates: 
* Move LESS source into the /src folder 
* Using Git sub-modules to import content into the site (template and pattern docs)
* What's New Wordpress template update 
* Update / Order PatternFly T-Shirts
* Design workflow for GitHub 
  * Update documentation 
  * Template 
  * Add a readme
* Improve PR template 
* Modular design for PatternFly SPIKE 
* Big Query 
  * Execute an initial "hello world" query" 
  * Estimate Cost

Community Contributions: 
* Demo App (NPM 3 Updates) - Rachel Yordan 
* Bootstrap Treeview - David Halasz and Gabriel Cardoso 

Recent Site Posts: 
* Toolbar 

[1] http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=October+PatternFly+Community+Meeting+&iso=20161005T10&p1=207&ah=1
[2] https://bluejeans.com/9479210308/ or +1 800 451 8679 (Meeting ID: 9479210308)

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