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Re: [Patternfly] Truncation guidance for long names

Hi Matt / all,

This gets tricky when you have machine names in your listings!

^ Either way you truncate that "column", someone's going to lose some important info, and looking through the column will be frustrating for the users.

In oVirt, we take the simple approach and truncate at the end. And, in most places where there is truncation, hovering over the truncated string shows you (via tooltip) the entire string:

Inline image 1

My recommendation for PatternFly: recommend / default to end truncation with "...". I like the hover-show-full-name feature -- that's something UX people should discuss re: if it should exist and what it would look like. (We use PF tooltips, but I could see other widgets being useful.)

Best wishes,

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 2:08 PM, Matt Carrano <mcarrano redhat com> wrote:
Hey Patternflyers,

I am currently working on the Tendrl storage console project and need to come up with some guidance on how to truncate long names that may appear in our UI.  I'm thinking of things like hostnames, disk names, and other types of objects that may take on a potentially long path name based on user naming.  PatternFly currently provides some general guidance, but no specific rules.

I'm curious how you are handling this on other projects as I know it's a common problem.  Do you truncate in the middle of the string, the end of the string, or have another method?

Any advice or examples will be welcome.



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