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[Patternfly] The Patternfly and Angular-PatternFly v3.12.0 releases are now available

The UXD team is proud to announce the 3.12.0 release of PatternFly.  This release brings a wizard implementation, required fields for forms, and a List View implementation for expanding rows, along with several other enhancements and fixes.

Check out the PatternfFly 3.12.0 Release Notes for details:

We've also released the 3.12.0 release of Angular-Patternfly which also brings in a wizard implementation, along with some enhancements and bug fixes..

Check out the Angular-Patternfly 3.12.0 Release Notes for details:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this release (both directly and indirectly) - your contributions are what keeps pushing PatternFly forward!

- the PatternFly core team

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