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Re: [Patternfly] Pagination - Conceptual Design

Hey SJ,

Great job thinking through the pros and cons. Option 1 seems familiar (gmail) but I think option 2 is more elegant. It may not be as obvious / familiar but the select all link is readily available in an area that makes sense. 


On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 2:36 PM, SJ Cox <sjcox redhat com> wrote:
Hello fellow PatternFlyers!

This sprint I'm working on the conceptual design for pagination across data tables (includes card and list view)

I wanted to share my thoughts and progress and see if anyone had any concerns or feedback based on what is being done with tables in products to date.  What works, what doesn't?

With the addition of pagination, all elements/controls related to pagination would be found on the bottom of the table.  This includes:
  • See the number of items on a page and total number of pages
  • See how many pages of data there is.
  • View which page you are on (current location)
  • Modify how many pages are being displayed.
  • Skip to the next or previous page.
  • Skip multiple pages.
  • Navigate to the first/last page.
With this story we wanted to add the ability to select all items across multiple pages. Initially, if you select all on a page, it will select all items only on that page. Then it would prompt the user to select all items across the table. I came up with two options for the "select all" option.


Inline image 2 Inline image 3
The first option above shows a new row appearing within the table under the row headers, in the form of a message. This message informs you of how many items are selected and gives you the ability to select all.  Once all are selected, you have the ability to clear selection from the within the same message. 

Also, what would happen as you page through the table? I've seen it behave differently.  In google, as you page through, the selection is cleared. In this design I didn't think that would be a great experience. 

Option 1 Pros:  the addition of the message row is obvious and will draw the users attention.
Option 1 Cons: Table height would have to adjust to accommodate new message row.  Also, does the placement of the message make sense under the row headers?  Furthermore, it's redundant to show the number of items shown twice (upper right, and in message)


Option two addresses the cons of option 1.   When selecting all items within a page, you get prompted to select all items within the table next to where it shows you total number of items selected. Same with clearing selection.

Inline image 5
Inline image 6

Option 2 Pros: No need for creating a new message row and shifting the table down.  No redundant info.
Option 3 Cons:  Might not be obvious that you can select all items. Does is seem hidden?

Let me know your thoughts, thank you!

Sarah Jane Cox 
User Interaction Designer 
User Experience Design Team

Red Hat, Inc.

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Allie Jacobs


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