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Re: [Patternfly] Examples of Shuttle Selector

This is the shuttle selector being used in Identity Management within a modal:

Definitely not a model to be followed. :)

On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 10:39 AM, Liz Blanchard <lsurette redhat com> wrote:
Hi All,

Another pattern that we are considering looking at next week is the shuttle selector [1]. We have a few places in our products where the user needs to view a large list of items and choose/mark a number of those items for use. This could even include being able to filter down one or both of these lists.

Does anyone have examples or uses of a shuttle selector in their products that they would like to share?


[1] Note this is just a random screenshot I found on the web and is not our recommendation :)  https://mockupstogo.mybalsamiq.com/projects/controls/Dual%20Select.jpeg?version=3&etag=d_.WlcKkT9mh_WSdZWR6NisHdfjrl5BC

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