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Re: [PatternFly] Where would you point a UX person wanting to help out?

On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 11:05 AM, Suzanne Hillman <wispfox gmail com> wrote:

I'm hoping to get involved in patternfly, but found the public-facing jira page rather opaque.

Sorry to hear that - hopefully we can use your feedback to improve the experience :)

I suggest joining our Slack channel; you can get an invite from http://slack.patternfly.org
I was wondering if there were any specific aspects that need more UX eyes or suggestions or ideas.

I've got a lot of experience working with Linux, primarily as QE, and have just finished a UX internship with Fedora through Outreachy. I'm hoping to get more involved in UX in the open source space.

Sweet, welcome! I think you'll find that the PatternFly team is really welcoming and always willing to help. Sorry that I don't really have any concrete suggestions (I'm mostly a PatternFly user, and not part of the core team) but someone else should be around with better advice shortly :)

Jonathan Yu / Software Engineer, OpenShift by Red Hat / @jawnsy

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