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Re: [PatternFly] Where would you point a UX person wanting to help out?

Hi Suzanne,

When making a comment or editing an existing one, type # and you should get a list of open Pull Requests (PRs) and bugs that you can select from, or you can simply type # followed by the number of the bug or PR. That will associate it and add a note.


On April 4, 2017 at 5:23:08 PM, Suzanne Hillman (wispfox gmail com) wrote:

Hi Leslie!

How do I associate a change I made in response to a bug with the bug itself? Eg: https://github.com/patternfly/patternfly-design/issues/240 and the pull request step in https://github.com/patternfly/patternfly-design/wiki/Contribution-Workflow

I can't tell if I'm missing something here!



On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 3:09 PM, Leslie Hinson <lhinson redhat com> wrote:
Hey Suzanne!

Excited to see you getting involved with PatternFly design. 

I would suggest taking a look at our design repo seen here: https://github.com/patternfly/patternfly-design. The repo is where we manage and maintain all of our design documentation for patternfly.org

Also, check out the "contribution guides" section (https://github.com/patternfly/patternfly-design/wiki#contribution-guides) to learn how to get setup and contribute. 

If you are interested, you can pick up an issue here: https://github.com/patternfly/patternfly-design/issues called "easy fix". This will help you get some experience going through our PR process. 

Let's start here but let us know if you have any questions! 


On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 2:42 PM, Jonathan Yu <jawnsy redhat com> wrote:

On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 11:05 AM, Suzanne Hillman <wispfox gmail com> wrote:

I'm hoping to get involved in patternfly, but found the public-facing jira page rather opaque.

Sorry to hear that - hopefully we can use your feedback to improve the experience :)

I suggest joining our Slack channel; you can get an invite from http://slack.patternfly.org
I was wondering if there were any specific aspects that need more UX eyes or suggestions or ideas.

I've got a lot of experience working with Linux, primarily as QE, and have just finished a UX internship with Fedora through Outreachy. I'm hoping to get more involved in UX in the open source space.

Sweet, welcome! I think you'll find that the PatternFly team is really welcoming and always willing to help. Sorry that I don't really have any concrete suggestions (I'm mostly a PatternFly user, and not part of the core team) but someone else should be around with better advice shortly :)

Jonathan Yu / Software Engineer, OpenShift by Red Hat / @jawnsy

“There are a million ways to get rich. But there’s only one way to stay rich: Humility, often to the point of paranoia. The irony is that few things squash humility like getting rich in the first place.” — Morgan Housel, Getting Rich vs. Staying Rich

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