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Re: [PatternFly] Datepicker inside a pf-toolbar?

The Angular Patternfly site has toolbar example showing how to add custom components. I can't say whether a date picker is recommended in a toolbar, but there is a way to add it using the "actions" tag as shown below.


<pf-toolbar id="exampleToolbar" config="toolbarConfig">
   <span class="dropdown primary-action" uib-dropdown>
     <button class="btn btn-default dropdown-toggle" uib-dropdown-toggle type="button">
       Menu Action
       <span class="caret"></span>
     <ul class="dropdown-menu">
       <li role="menuitem" ng-click="optionSelected(1)">
         <a class="secondary-action">Option 1</a>
       <li role="menuitem" ng-click="optionSelected(2)">
         <a class="secondary-action">Option 2</a>
       <li role="menuitem" ng-click="optionSelected(3)">
         <a class="secondary-action">Option 3</a>
       <li role="menuitem" ng-click="optionSelected(4)">
         <a class="secondary-action">Option 4</a>
   <button class="btn btn-default primary-action" type="button" ng-click="doAdd()">
     <span class="fa fa-plus"></span>
     Add Action

On 4/12/17 12:34 PM, John Logan wrote:


I'm trying out Patternfly in a prototype and I really appreciate the work that's been done.  It's made the job of putting together a good enterprise app user experience a lot easier.

This might be the wrong place for angular-patternfly questions, but I thought I'd ask here and find out whether I should be posting elsewhere (as a github issue?) instead.  I have a pf-toolbar in one of my views, and I'd like to include a date range picker (or pair of date pickers) in the toolbar for constraining the requested items.  Is there a way to do this with the Angular component today?  If not, what do you think is the best workaround?

Thanks!  John

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