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[PatternFly] Patternfly 4.0.0-rc.1 released

The 4.0.0-rc.1 release of PatternFly and Angular-PatternFly is now available and aligns the 4.0 branch with the latest PatternFly 3.23.2 release.

This release candidate is expected to be our final release barring the discovery of any blocking issues. We plan to release 4.0.0 next week, so please take the time to try the 4.0.0-rc.1 release out in your applications, and give us any feedback.

Migration guides for moving to 4.0 are in progress. Please consider contributing to the migration guides with any steps you uncover:



Aggregate release notes for the 4.0.0 release will be compiled. In the meantime review the alpha release notes to see what's new with PatternFly 4:



Thanks to everyone who participated in this release (both directly and indirectly) - your contributions are what keeps pushing PatternFly forward!

- The Red Hat UXD team

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