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[PatternFly] [Patternfly] Filter widget improvement (quick filter & advanced filter)

Hi floks,

In the previous discussion about the multi-select filter widget needs for quickly filtering a dataset, I researched the quick filter using scenario and the products (CloudForms / oVirt / RH Customer Portal / Errata Tool / Openshift / Tendrl), Finding out that we could improve the current patternfly filter pattern and seperate it to a quick filter and an advanced filter to meet the different needs.

The blogs have been posted to patternfly.

Anyone who is interested, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Quick filter blog: https://blog.patternfly.org/quick-filter-improvement-for-the-current-filter-pattern/

Advacend filter blog:  https://blog.patternfly.org/advanced-filter/

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Ming Zhong
Interaction Designer  Red Hat UXD 
83-88150 | UTC+8 | mzhong redhat com

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