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Re: [Patternfly] Pure CSS Grid Systems?

Hi Jonathan,

Bootstrap 5 has dropped support for ie9 on it's latest alpha (alpha 6) that means that everything is based on flex. Overall the components are much shallower, and modular and the grid system is much better. It also has a set of very helpful utility classes and a special section for flex utilities

Putting together the new grid with the flex utilities allows us to create more flexible and customizable structures for PF5.

Having said all that I am aware that Flex was not intended for grids and CSS Grid is definitely a game changer. Even though we will have pretty good support for CSS Grids later this year, browser support is not there yet.

So to answer your question, yes we will use flex grid for Patternfly 5, and no we have no intentions to extend the grid using CSS grids. 

Thanks for bringing this up, the future of CSS looks bright and exiting, CSS Grids is happening sooner than later :)

On Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 3:21 AM, Jonathan Yu <jawnsy redhat com> wrote:
Lately, I've been seeing some really interesting examples of grid systems that leverage some modern browser layout capabilities, such as CSS Grid and Flexbox. Just wanted to share these & hear your thoughts:



Will PatternFly 5 extend a framework like Bootstrap, or will it do away with that and use Flexbox directly? Or a framework that uses Flexbox underneath?

Also, this little demo blew. my. mind. https://twitter.com/chriscoyier/status/836595681850707969

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