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[Patternfly] GSoC Candidate for the Patternfly Project

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself, I am André Rodríguez. 

I am an advanced Computer Science student, and I was browsing the Fedora idea's list for the Google Summer Of Code of this current year, the patternfly project seemed very fitting for me, and upon reading the Git page I became very enthusiastic about it, I am setting up a dev environment and playing with it now. I have used with web components in Angular2 but this implementation looks like a simpler approach.

I would like to ask you a few things:

- The description in the Fedora wiki is very general, do you have any specific tasks, projects, bugs or something related to the project in mind to the GSoC candidate? If so, can you tell me more about the project or link me in the right direction (other than the git page)

- Is there an IRC or Slack room where the team hangs out and discusses about the project, or generally can you show me how I can get more involved prior to submitting my application?

Thanks in advance.

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