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[PatternFly] PatternFly-Next - Raleigh Meet and Greet

Hi all,

If you are in Raleigh and would like to see what UXD is working on for the next version of PatternFly, please come join us for a PatternFly-Next open house.  We’ll be in the training room (raleigh-8s204-fedora) in the Tower on Tuesday, March 27th from 3-5pm. A lot of work has gone into building a scalable, modular CSS solution and our UXD developers will be working on this together next week.  We hope to show what PatternFly-Next is all about and also meet front end developers we can’t usually connect with in person.

Warning - we want to keep this super casual and hear about your experiences with PatternFly and get people excited about being a part of what’s coming - if you are interested in PatternFly and where we hope to take it, please come join us!

Some helpful links:
Learn more about PatternFly: http://www.patternfly.org
Join the conversation on slack:  https://slack.patternfly.org/
Try it out here:  PatternFly-Next - https://github.com/patternfly/patternfly-next

Thanks and hope to see you next Tuesday!

Dana Gutride
PatternFly Team
User Experience and Design
Red Hat

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