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[PatternFly] Newbie question

Forgive my ignorance of what patternfly is, but I'm confused.
I'm looking through the "pattern library" and thinking "great, this is exactly what I need".
My confusion comes when I try and figure out how to actually make use of the pattern, how to implement it. 
I seem to be missing a link. I can see there's a github repository with some code in it, but I'm not sure I know what styles to use and so on. Some of the patterns in the pattern library appear to have some code and some don't.

Perhaps I should be more specific. I'm particularly looking at the "tour" pattern as it's something I've been wanting to do. Although there are some example screenshots, there's no code that I can see, and I can't find any references to "tour" in the patternfly github repo.

So is patternfly on the one hand a design specification (much like "material design" in that respect) and on the other hand an implementation of *some* of those designs? 

Don't get me wrong, even as a design specification it's been what I've been looking for (you never know what term to google for until you find the thing you were trying to search for in the first place). I was just expecting to find some kind of reference documentation, that kind of thing. 

Sorry if this seems like a basic question.


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