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are there any serious show-stoppers in phoebe-2?

  historically, i've always been keen on installing any new
red hat betas on my machine, since i don't normally push
the envelope in terms of what i'm trying to do.

  a little browsing, a little fetchmail, some editing, that
sort of thing.

  but i was scared off with phoebe-1, given what i saw the
first couple of days after release with a spate of pretty
serious problems, so i just let phoebe-1 pass and waited
for the next version.

  same deal with phoebe-2 -- i'm still uncomfortable with
the number of complaints regarding what seem to be still
major bugs.

  comments from other testers?  i would have been happy to
just wander over to bugzilla and peruse the phoebe-2 bug
reports, except for the fact that red hat (with an attitude
i find maddening to this day) *still* refuses to rename new
beta releases.  argh.


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