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Re: living with phoebe

On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 00:57, Jef Spaleta wrote: 
> On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 19:29, Robert Tinsley wrote:
> > > To edit signatures in Evolution go to 
> > > 
> > > 	Tools -> Settings -> Composer Preferences -> Signatures
> > 
> > great, thank you. I had been on Tools -> Settings -> Mail Accounts ->
> > Edit which only lets you create signatures. will try to file this one as
> > an upstream bug. (actually, i'm finding a *lot* of bugs in evolution...)
> This is a bug? How is this a bug?

ask yourself a simple question: does this behaviour make sense? if it
doesn't make sense, then i consider it a bug.

> States clearly in pulldown help
> menu item "Configuring Evolution" that the signature editor is in the
> composer prefs.  How is this a bug?  Becuase you expected the "feature"
> to be in a certain place? At best this is a feature request..but it
> certainly isn't a bug, since in this respect evolution seems to behaving
> just as the developers (and suprisingly the documentation) expect.

a few points...

1. i will continue to consider any application which doesn't meet its
core functional requirements as broken to some extent. i took the view
that usability and a consistent, polished interface were high on the
list of requirements that the original developers set themselves, and
part of the reasons why red hat has decided to package and sell this

2. as more and more sites use bugzilla (or something similar), and even
attach "bug ids" to feature requests, then the meaning of the phrase
"file a bug" is going to evolve.

3. consider an application which has "File -> Open" to open a document,
but "Options -> Tools -> Configuration | File Settings | Store... Local
System" to save it. i would consider this to be a bug against usability,
regardless of where it is documented.

4. the "it's not a bug it's a feature because we documented it" argument
has always been weak, particularly so when you apply it to a product
(red hat linux) which doesn't have the best reputation for high quality

5. is this really something for you to get all het up about? did you
also jump down the throat of the people who mentioned that some of their
icons were slightly blurry?

> Maybe
> you aren't see all too many bugs after all...but just missing features.

or maybe evolution is supposed to crash whenever i try to change the font-size,
my tasks display isn't supposed to list any tasks, my summary display is
supposed to leave the last task showing even when it's been deleted, whether or
not the editor wraps my text in e-mails is supposed to be entirely
arbitrary, the box around my signature is supposed to be much larger than
the actual text, and so on. (*shrug* maybe some of those are documented, but
i honestly can't find any reference to them at the moment.)


> So file it as a feature request if you must...but frankly i'm not really
> sure its all that important or even useful to be able to edit a sig
> inside the mail accounts...shrug...i'll make sure I keep a look out for
> your feature request upstream at ximian, and write a long drawn out
> comment attached to the bugzilla ticket about why i think its better
> design to have the signature editor outside the mail account editor
> section.

in that case, you'll be please to know we both agree on this, and i look
forward to reading your supporting comments.

> -jef


rjt thepoacher net

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