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Re: before the next beta comes out ..

On Wed, 2003-01-01 at 23:52, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
not necessarily dangerous from memory each release had its own bugzilla
you should know what release you are running if you forget you can
always run rpm -q redhat-release or cat /etc/redhat-release that will
give you your version you are currently running.  i was assuming that
posts to the mailing list would assume that the latest beta is being run
if its not the user should check first to see if the bug has
subsequently been fixed in a newer release. hence the user should be
running the latest beta. 


> i think it's dangerous to assume that anyone posting to bugzilla
> is necessarily using the latest beta.  and, as you noted above,
> there were two different, consecutive betas that both had the
> code name "limbo", which couldn't help but generate confusion.
> it was further confusing when a *third* beta had a *different*
> code name.  (this puts the poor bug reporter in the position of
> having to figure out *which* version he's using: "let me see,
> i'm using 'limbo' ... was that the first limbo or the second
> limbo?")
> that's why i'm asking about this now -- to get my $0.02 in
> before the next beta is released.  i would *really* like to see
> each beta represent a brand new testing/debugging/reporting
> cycle, with a new code name.
> rday

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