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Re: xvidtune not working

Michael wrote:

Has anyone had problems using xvidtune. When I run the app and click on
auto I can click on moving the display any direction or make it larger or
smaller but xvidtune never responds and just sits there. IT does not
crash or freeze but it seems like the buttons you click on do not
respond. I need to use this because my monitor is not multisync and I
need to set my display up in XF86Config. Thanks ahead for any help.

You can try building the XFree86 config program, xf86cfg.
If you run it while X is up, it gives a similar function (along with others).

It was removed from the Red Hat packages becuse it used Xt/Xlib, doesn't use GTK+, doesn't use Python, and Red Hat wants bug reports for redhat-config-xfree86 (instead of people just using other config tools).
(Those are in no particular order, Mike Harris could probably give the correct order :)

You can ckeck the XFree86 spec file, I think there's still an way to build it with the rest of the rpms.


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