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Crazy mouse drives me crazy (was: Re: erraticly jumping mouse pointer, menu's, windows)

On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 09:39:46AM +0100, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> Not sure what you mean with erratically jumping mouse cursor. The X
> mouse pointer here stops moving for a short period each time its
> look is changed, i.e. upon reaching window borders, links in
> browsers, and things like that. This is unusable. Next time I boot
> into Phoebe, I'll see whether it is whiteglass or something else. 

Well, it not only jumps erratically, it is quite acrobatic.
Some examples:

- click on something in the left lower corner and it jumps to the
  right upper corner (and sometimes opens the root menu in the right
  upper corner spontaneously too).
- try to move the slider with the mouse in one of the configuration menu's
  and the mouse pointer just glides of the menu window and jumps anywhere
- click on the redhat icon on the panel (in gnome of course) and the menu
  opens and shuts and the mouse pointer just jumps anywhere 
- try to move a window by dragging it by placing the mouse pointer on the
  top bar, clicking and dragging and the window too jumps erratically.
  Sometimes halve off the screen. Or it shrinks to a (very) small window
  or it expands to larger than the screen.

I could give more examples of just plain crazy behaviour.
I thought it had something to do with my switching between vesa and
nv drivers and experimenting with different mouse pointers.

But I did a fresh install of phoebe today and immediately chose the
nv driver and left the whiteglass pointers on and now I have this
behaviour with a fresh clean install.

I tried changing to the vesa driver and/or using the default pointers
and changing some mouse settings but nothing helps.
It is essentially impossible to do anything with the mouse without
getting seriously frustrated.

The mouse is a PS/2 Logitech mouse I have been using with this laptop
for a year now and it is correctly configured in XF86Config.
This is on a Dell Inspiron 8100 with an Nvidia GeForce2 Go card.

(Never gave me any trouble before. Though I did upgrade the BIOS to
the latest version before installing Phoebe to test ACPI).


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