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Re: [Pki-users] smart card support

Hi Henry

In theory, any Javacard 2.1 / Global Platform 2.0.1 compliant
smart card should work. In reality, due to subtle differences
in standards implementations the only cards that we are certain
will work are the ones we test with.

 From the RHCS8 release notes:
3.4. Supported Smart Cards
The Enterprise Security Client supports Global Platform 2.0.1-compliant
smart cards and JavaCard 2.1 or higher.
The Certificate System subsystems have been tested using the following

       Gemalto TOP IM FIPS CY2 64K token, both as a smart card and
GemPCKey USB form factor key
       Gemalto Cyberflex e-gate 32K token (Red Hat Enterprise Linux only)
       Safenet 330J Java smart card

Smart card testing was conducted using the SCM SCR331 CCID reader.
The only card manager applet supported with Certificate System is the
CoolKey applet which ships with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3.


On 05/20/2010 07:53 AM, Henry GM wrote:
What kind smart card has implement/support using ESC Dog Tag  beside
Axalto Cyberflex egate 32k ?
its support using STARCOSĀ® SPK2.3 with Dog Tag smart card manager?

Henry Gultom


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