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RE: Booting up from floppy problem

OK thanks Sandro I'll give that a try.

Since I don't have a cd -rw in the server itself, can I use mkbootdisk to
create a disk image, then download that image
from the server HD to my home PC and burn a disk on PC, then bring that boot
disk to server then boot off that disk on the server?

I'm trying to boot from disk on a Linux server, but would have to burn the
CD on a W2K machine at home.  Unless I buy and install a CD-rw for the


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Am Mon, 2003-12-01 um 12.25 schrieb help codefit com:

> I'm trying to boot from a recovery disk created by my backup software -
> using mondo recovery OS software for that.

did you try it with "mkbootdisk"?

> Any ideas as to what I might be missing?

I never tried "mondo recovery OS software" but on my boxes, bootdisks
created with "mkbootdisk", work fine.


> Could I boot up from one of the RH 8 distribution disks?  Or would I have
> create a recovery disk first?

I never tried it on RedHat, but on some linux-distributions you can
install, update or just boot the system with the distribution disks.
If my memory serves me right, you need some commandline options to load
the right kernel and the runtime mode.

The best way to find out is: reboot the system, put the disk in the
CD-rom and have a look at help texts. If you are lucky you just have to
choose the right F-Key to boot it in the way you want it.

> Thanks for any info.

Good luck

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