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Re: aborting command due to timeout - HANG

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Monday, November 17, 2003, 10:14:10 AM, I wrote:
> Every now and then (often enough to be very irritating), while the
> read-back comparison is being done, the system jumps off the rails,
> stops responding to network I/O, stops all disk activity, and requires
> a power cycle to get it back.

Some further data related to this problem. I went into
/etc/modules.conf and changed the line "options ide-cd dma=1" to
"options ide-cd dma=0". Since doing this, I have not seen the system
hang, even with a lot of CD-R writing or verifying going on.

Unfortunately, with DMA turned off, the system clock loses time at a
significant rate during CD-R burning or verifying "diff -qr" or "cmp"
operations. Sure, ntp gets things back in sync, eventually. However,
it is pretty irritating to have the clock off by several minutes after
burning a CD-R. With DMA turned on, I never noticed this kind of clock
losing time.

Can anyone suggest an option that eliminates the time loss while not
subjecting the system to the lockups associated with DMA CD
operations? Thanks!


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