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Re: [linux-users] usb pen drives: mounting as a user

> Is /mnt/diskonkey owned by root?

Yes, but this doesn't matter. It is owned by root, but when I run
'mount /mnt/diskonkey', it mounts the device, /dev/sdb1 on  /mnt/diskonkey
and /dev/sdb1 is changed to be owned by me, the user.

I have noticed that the device, /dev/sda1 doesn't get changed to be owned
by me for the 2nd pen drive.
So now I have to figure out what changes the ownership of /dev/sdb1 but is
not changing the ownership of /dev/sda1.
Anybody help me here?
(I have a feeling that this is all going to point me at pam-related stuff
which, I must admit, loses me a bit).
An on-going problem in our student lab is users not being able to mount
CDs and floppies cos their ownership of the device is wrong, and my long
held suspicion is that KDE or gnome is responible! I hope this doesn't
prove to be the case for Pen drives too.

> Ross Macintyre wrote:
>> Hi.
>>   I am running redhat 8.0 on a number of lab machines.
>> (I know I know, I should be running Fedora, but I'm not)
>> I want to set things up so that students can insert USB pen drives, and
>> then mount the file system, assuming there is one to mount.
>> The first pen drive I was given to try works a treat:
>>   stick it in, it puts an entry in /etc/fstab and the user can run (not
>> as
>> root) mount /mnt/diskonkey.
>> The 2nd pen drive doesn't get an entry put in /etc/fstab. So my first
>> question is what makes the entry? Is it updfstab? Looks like it is
>> because
>> /etc/updfstab.conf.default contains the entry:
>>   device diskonkey {
>>     partition 1
>>     match   hd diskOnKey
>>   }
>> So I edited etc/updfstab.conf.default and added an entry for the other
>> pen
>> drive:
>>   device usb_disk {
>>     partition 1
>>     match   hd USB
>>   }
>> [I guessed this cos of these entries in /var/log/messages:
>>  kernel:   Vendor:           Model: USB DISK 2.0      Rev: 1.16
>>  kernel:   Vendor: M-Sys     Model: DiskOnKey         Rev: 3.04
>> Now an entry gets put in /etc/fstab ok but only root can mount it,
>> whereas
>> for the other entry any user can mount it. The entries put in /etc
>> /fstab
>> are identical apart from the mountpoint and the device:
>> /dev/sda1     /mnt/usb_disk           auto    noauto,owner,kudzu  0
>> /dev/sdb1     /mnt/diskonkey          auto    noauto,owner,kudzu  0
>> Any ideas anyone?
>> Also, what process looks for hotplugs?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Ross
> --
> Dr Daniel Graham
> Product Strategy Manager
> Video and Image Coding Specialists
> daniel graham videocoding com
> http://www.videocoding.com
> Tel : [+44|0] 870 241 4618

Ross Macintyre (raz macs hw ac uk)

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