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Re: rpm database corrupt

> On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, Ross Macintyre wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   I have a machine that has a corrup RPM database.
>> I tried the usual
>>   rm var/lib/rpm/__db.00*, then
>>   rpm --rebuilddb
>> which has worked in the past.
>> This time nothing.
> If rpm is getting stuck, rather than crashing, that often means some other
> process has the database locked. Look for such processes, or even reboot
> before removing the __db files. See also
> http://www.rpm.org/hintskinks/repairdb/
> for further rebuilding hints if necessary.

thanks to all who replied. Yes the problem was fixed by a reboot and a
rebuild. I got caught out here because 'df' (no args) wasn't hanging and
could be killed with ctrl-c. What I did find was that when I gave the
verbose option to rpm, I did see df failing on a particular mount point;
when I did try df on that mountpoint, it did hang and couldn't be

The trouble here was that I was loathe to reboot, and the lesson I've
learned is that I shouldn't rely on this server's RPM database(I was using
it to compare against other machines RPM database for consistency).


> 	Michael Young
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Ross Macintyre (raz macs hw ac uk)

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