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Re: newbie

Ahhm Ta, will bear that in mind. There is a new bios setup for my Motherboard and it may well cope.
I'll have to find out which bios setup there is now. I'll have a gawp and surf. Mine is a fairly recent
Asrock, with a PCI and intel pentium 1800MHz. I'll have to find a way to slow it down some for Linux

A problem often turns out to be a pile of little problems, but not until one gets one's teeth into it.


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> Viestissä Perjantai 27. Kesäkuuta 2003 08:42, afme ihug co nz kirjoitti:
> > I recall you wrote that, ctl-alt-bspace and it shuts down, for good.
> Ctrl-Alt-Backspace is supposed to drop you back to the login screen, but some
> motherboards use that key combination for a power off command. You might be
> able to disable this from the BIOS setup.
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