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Re: newbie

hi again

On Sat, 28 Jun 2003 03:54:05 +1200
"afme ihug co nz" <adrianix slingshot co nz> wrote:

> Yep, HENK, ONCE and after the sod gets into having RHat WORKing.  Besides it's task and topic specific,
> which is something else than the problem I have NOW. It's installed but not doing what it tells me in
> the installation guide it will do.
> Adrian.
I'm lost:

You complained of not being able to get out of gnome.
Sombody suggested using ctrl-alt fx to get in a Linux console.
There you can run lspci -vv and many others to your hearts content.
(That is unless you are running gnome on windows??) 

I just did in gnome:
ctrl-alt F3  and got a login screen
logged in as a user and got a prompt 
typed in: lspci -vv | less
and got the full pci stuff. ( | (pipe) to less to be able to use PgUp Pgdn)

If your RH installation will not respond to ctrl-alt F3, you do not have
a working system. Needs reinstall I would think.

By the way, get back to gnome with ctrl-alt F7.


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