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Re: [publican-list] [Bug 451913] Automate generation of FOP configuration files

FYI: Here is the body of this bug. I fixed Bugzilla to auto CC the list.

Currently there are separate fop files (conf, font metrics) for each version of
FOP and each version of the O/S. These files need to be created when publican is
built instead of being pre-generated.

Supported O/S: rhel4, rhel5, fc9, rawhide
Supported FOP: 0.20, 0.95beta

Files that need auto-generation:
1. fop.conf
2. font-metrics/*.xml (one per font)
3. pickfont.xsl (needs xsl:import in pdf.xsl)

pickfont.xsl needs to override these templates:
1. pickfont-sans
2. pickfont-serif
3. pickfont-mono

Spec file needs to be able to set the correct Requires and BuildRequires for
each O/S.

FOP 0.20 support will be dropped for O/S >= rhel5 since FOP 0.95beta has been
built in brew.

FOP has not been built for epel4 or epel5 so integration needs to be disabled
for those builds until FOP is available in those repositories.

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