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Re: [publican-list] Entities and Translation

Joshua Wulf wrote:
We're using entities for product names in cases where a doc is shared
between an upstream project and an enterprise product.

I think there was some stricture against using entities for product
names because of translation issues. Is this still an issue, and are
"entities for product names" still frowned upon in polite society /

If they are, couldn't we have something like:

publican update_po --resolve-ents

Where the first step is to resolve all entities, followed by the
generation of po-files from the "exported xml with entities resolved"?

That way we could share a single source file between a product and a
project, and enterprise translations would have the product name
translated appropriately for the target language.

But you can't share the translations, which is 20 times as much effort.

Or you can share the translations, but every time you change the entity you create masses of work for translation because of all the fuzzy entries.

Maybe some of the translation team might want to speak up on these issues and let us know if they see any solutions to this given the varying restrictions of the languages they translate too.

Cheers, Jeff.

Jeff Fearn <jfearn redhat com>
Software Engineer
Engineering Operations
Red Hat, Inc
Freedom ... courage ... Commitment ... ACCOUNTABILITY

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