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[publican-list] [Bug 661948] Updating the database for packaged books is fragile

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--- Comment #6 from Jeff Fearn <jfearn redhat com> 2011-07-18 02:40:57 EDT ---
Oops, missed the action entry when back porting this code.

Committed revision 1837.

$ publican update_db --help
    Add or remove database entries. Used for processing pre-build books, such
as when building packages.

        --help                    Display help message
        --config=s                Use a nonstandard config file
        --common_config=s         Override path to Common_Config directory
        --common_content=s        Override path to Common_Content directory
        --nocolours               Disable ANSI colourisation of logging.
        --quiet                   Disable all logging.
        --site_config=<SITE_CONFIG>    WebSite configuration file to use or
        --add                     Add a database enrty
        --del                     Delete a database entry
        --lang=<LANG>             The language the XML will be written in
        --product=<PRODUCT>       The name of the product
        --version=<VERSION>       The version of the product
        --name=<NAME>             The name of the book, article, set, or brand
        --formats=<FORMATS>       Comma-separated list of formats, for example:
        --subtitle=<SUBTITLE>     Sub title for a book
        --abstract=<ABSTRACT>     Abstract for a book
        --product_label=<PRODUCT_LABEL>    product label for a book
        --version_label=<VERSION_LABEL>    version label for a book
        --name_label=<NAME_LABEL>    name label for a book

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