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Re: [publican-list] publican-list Digest, Vol 42, Issue 15

On 09/24/2011 03:12 AM, Rob LaMora wrote:
Sorry for the ignorance here, but how would I go about updating my Publican 2.7 installation to version 2.8 on my Fedora 15 client? I see the link to the source tarball, but I am not sure how to upgrade.

Fedora builds have been done, please add a response to Bhodi if you are
using them.

Fedora 15:

If a build is in Bhodi you should be able to install it by enabling the updates-testing repository.

$ sudo yum upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing publican\*

Then if you are happy with it you go to Bhodi and give it a tick so the build gets in to the updates repo.

If you are unhappy with the new version you can easily downgrade to the previous version.

$ sudo yum downgrade publican\*

FWIW I think 2.8 is in the updates repo now.

Cheers, Jeff.

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