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Re: [publican-list] [Bug 687894] rendering of steps inside stepalternatives

Fair warning- Im pretty turned-on right now. I didn't know if you're free to set something up in the next hour or not?

I could not know how to send a picture with my e-mail but I've a few on this url if you want to look

I have given my phone number out to a couple crazies in the past and needed to change my number so now I just keep it secure

There a little no cost verifier thing on that site and basically its only to make damn sure that neither one of us is jail-bait and we haven't been criminals

Hopefully it'll give us both some peace of mind so you know I am just some hooker or looking to cut out your organs and sell them. lol

I have been on there a few months and haven't been charged so it shouldn't be a huge hurdle to do, you can access my # from my profile after you do the thing and gimme a ring and we can chat.

I am getting off my comp now, I hope to get your call soon.

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