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Re: [publican-list] teaching Publican to emit 'mobi'


I create mobi from epub, using Calibre, and have no problems with links etc.

I'm puzzled as to why you seem to have difficulty.

Publican and Calibre, what more is needed! ;-)


Ps. Apologies for top posting, and excessive quoting. Laptop having 17 days holiday (ie powered down and left untouched) so I'm getting my email fix on my phone!

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From: "R P Herrold" <herrold owlriver com>
To: <publican-list redhat com>
Subject: [publican-list] teaching Publican to emit 'mobi'
Date: Fri, Dec 20, 2013 20:38

Thanks for Publican 4.0 ... I am trying a build on the RHEL 7
beta candidate as I type this

One thing is a small 'nit' about Publican, is the absence of
output support for the Amazon e-reader family. [If I am wrong,
please advise] I see this bug open:

and before that mailing list discussions of supporting AMZN
readers with AWZ or mobi (that latter being the
'non-proprietary' variant their readers support)

The conversion tools are nice and all, I guess, but lose live
links, images, and more.  Is there a later re-statement of
what is entailed in adding /mobi/ as a native output format?


-- Russ herrold

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