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[Pulp-dev] proposal: global importer settings

I've been working on a planning task for how Pulp 3 will handle global importer settings. As part of that, I've collected feedback from a number of stakeholders. You can view the planning task here:


The aspect that everyone seems to agree on is that proxies should be configured once in one place, and that other download-related settings are a good fit for the same mechanism. I wrote up a story for that here, and I would appreciate feedback and grooming:


There is much less clarity around other settings. This is because most other settings that we would consider for global scope would need the ability to be overridden at the individual importer level. That multi-layered approach where an individual importer's settings take precedence over the global settings is how Pulp 2 works, but it is not generally liked. Katello for example only uses that feature in Pulp 2 to define download-related settings; proxy, concurrency, and bandwidth limits. Many stakeholders expressed concern about retaining a multi-layered approach to configuring importers. Doing so also would add substantial complexity to how Pulp 3 implements settings, and it adds complexity to the user experience.

So my proposal is that we do not provide a way to globally set other importer settings in Pulp 3.0. If clear use cases and motivation arise, I think that would be reasonable to add this in 3.1+.

Thoughts or feedback on that?


Michael Hrivnak

Principal Software EngineerRHCE 

Red Hat

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