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[Pulp-dev] Github Required Checks

A week or two ago on irc, @misa identified that unit tests which run on travis with crane prs had been failing for a long time. These unit tests are run on each PR that is submitted, but broken and ignored. We were interested in finding a better way to ensure that our required checks all must pass before a PR can be merged.

I want to get feedback on an idea to resolve this. Github has settings which restricts merging until the required checks are met. It allows you to:

- required review before merging
- reviewed status checks passing before merging. For us this would include unit test runs and docs builder runs

What if we enable ^ on the 'master' branch of all the dev maintained repos including:

devel, pulp-ci, pulp, pulp_file, pulp_puppet, pulp_rpm, pulp_docker, crane, ansible-pulp3, pulp_template, pulp_example, pulpproject.org, pulp_python, pulp_deb, ansible-pulp3_systemd, pulp_ostree, ansible-pulp3_db

We have already enabled this on the 3.0-dev branch in the pulp repo maybe 6 months ago, so this would be more of the same.

What do you all think about this idea? What questions or alternatives are there? Should this be done via a pup?

Any feedback or ideas are welcome.


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