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[Pulp-dev] Pulp 3 MVP test plans

Last week we agreed to help QE by opening issues in the pulp-smash Github tracker for Pulp 3 user stories/features. I just wanted to remind everyone to (1) open pulp-smash issues for features/user stories that you have already completed and (2) open pulp-smash issues for stories you complete going forward. 

Here’s a list of completed stories for Pulp 3 without pulp-smash test cases:


And here is the pulp-smash issue tracker (filtered by Pulp 3 test cases):


Please look through any user stories in Redmine that are assigned to you and see if they already have pulp-smash Github issues. If there is a Github issue, please review it and then attach it to your story in Redmine. Otherwise, file a new pulp-smash issue. Here’s a great example of a pulp-smash issue (although it’s for Pulp 2):


There may be some user stories that are out of date or don’t require pulp_smash tests. You can skip those. 

And again, going forward, whenever you set an issue to MODIFIED for a Pulp 3 feature user story, please open a pulp-smash Github issue. At the end of each sprint, @asmacdo and I will triage the test cases.


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