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Re: [Pulp-list] Pulp updates

Mike McCune wrote:
Bryan Kearney wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:
Hi folks,

So Pulp has been on a hiatus for a while and I think it's about time we tried to revive the effort. To move forward, it's probably best to start small and simple with a limited scope. We put together a list of command line arguments that a simple command-line client that creates, mirrors, and removes repos (as well as add / remove / list packages in said repos):


I asked around in #rhel and #pulp on freenode today for feedback and initial feedback on these commands was positive. Do you have any ideas or feedback on them - do you see any issues?

Also I put together a list of broad requirements that are more like a long-term roadmap. Right now the command line outline above should fulfill the first three on this list. Let me know what you think:


Do you have a nose-bleed level postioning for this project? I am trying to categorize it relative to


Even if it is a one liner such as

component of
competitor of
similar, but.....
no relation

That would be helpful

-- bk

a new component for Spacewalk (but can be used without Spacewalk) to simplify and streamline the content synchronization process.

How does that sound?

Sounds good with the exception of cobbler.. since cobbler seems to doalot of the same voodoo around repo management. Especially since I assumed that there would be some cobbler <- Spacewalk integration.

I am asking because for the thincrust tooling we would like an appliance build environment which needs this fucntionality but would also benefit from the provisioning provided by cobbler. I am curious where the repo logic is, or if it will be extracted out to a higher level piece.

-- bk

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