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Re: [Pulp-list] pulp createrepo

Devan Goodwin wrote:
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Working on getting a pulp command line interface in place to create a
mirror of an external repository. Looking for some feedback on what
people think this should look like and do.

Working off cobbler code I believe the workflow is something like this:

cobbler repo add
- --mirror=http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora/core/updates/6/i386/
- --name=fc6i386updates

cobbler reposync

Yes, you can also do:

cobbler reposync --only=reponame

The other possibles for reposync are URLs like:
--mirror=rsync://user host:foo
--mirror=rhn://channel-name (this just invokes yum's reposync, see mrepo for older stuff?)


Should we follow a similar workflow of using a add command to store a
persistent representation of the necessary repo data, then another
command to do the initial and subsequent syncs?

We need that because you want to add the repo once and be able to sync it multiple times later. A config file for defining all the repos/settings (at least at first) as opposed to CLI
logic would probably be ok!

Howevever once you want to start doing point-in-time snapshots of certain repos that's where tools might be easier (otherwise you'd have to edit the textfile, run a command, switch back, etc).

I don't think I'm going to tease apart all the cobbler command line
logic but will start with something a little simpler (we can expand
later) for the command line parsing, but will port over the reposync
code from cobbler to do the legwork.

Cobbler stuff is just all using optparse.

Being able to not sync certain repos (--keep-updated) is fairly useful for making
static snapshots.

And if there's a Python API for querying the repo names that are set up that would be awesome. (That way cobbler could detect if Pulp was installed and automatically
show them/validate against them/etc) if it wanted to...

Any thoughts? Preferences on how this command should look?



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