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Re: [Pulp-list] How about we just merge these core features into Cobbler?

Mairin Duffy wrote:
Michael DeHaan wrote:
Sorry for the late reply, I was looking over the pulp features list up on the Wiki a few weeks ago.

Serious question -- it seems the features mentioned for Pulp (other than interface features) are suitable to be added to Cobbler in ways that requires people use less tools

Where would the interface live, then?

On top as a separate piece, making calls to a cobbler server? Does that mean pulp would be the interface piece only?


Spacewalk maybe? FWIW, I'm thinking about making cobbler-web a seperate package in a future release as well (I'm pondering moving to Rails to allow some content to be better accessed by ovirt, and also to make better use of mcpierce's rubygem-cobbler module), and am considering various upgrades related to Cobbler's new ACL support, so there's time to consider improvements to the way repos are being managed today as well. Ultimately I think where such UI bits go depend on what you would want to see. From the list of functionality we see now I don't see why they couldn't be in there.


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