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Re: [Pulp-list] How about we just merge these core features into Cobbler?

Michael DeHaan wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:
Michael DeHaan wrote:
Maybe create some mockups to see what this might look like?

That's a pretty big project to take on. Unless you mean just making them 'look' like perspectives, for which there are already mockups on the pulp site to show that kind of framework.

yeah I am not sure what the goal of this project is. I was thinking if you are still interested in some kind of new web tool for repos I wondered what it might look like. I've seen the existing stuff but wasn't sure
if you were talking about something different or not.

My devoting some time to go and mock it up right and go through the whole design process is pending whether or not there is actually interest in using the designs. Which is a bit of a chicken vs egg problem because perhaps there would be interest if there were mockups. Maybe when my plate is a little less full I will just go ahead and mock it up anyway. It's just that it's hard for me to justify spending the time it would take to produce a design for this instead of for other projects that have active development going on with a need for design work who can turn it around into an actual working project today.

Whine, whine. But I just want to make it clear that I'm all for action but unfortunately otherwise occupied. If there was great interest from a developer on making this happen, I would happily shift gears to working on it. I also think that probably having a properly documented design such as I'm envisioning might make some of the reasons for some of my hesitation towards having a single UI very clear.

Anyhow, hello out there! If you're a developer reading this and want to dig in, let's talk :)

It seems there are two topics here, of which I am most interested in the second

(A) Making a new web app, possibly to be included with and/or replace parts of Spacewalk (B) Adding some repo management features that Cobbler can't do yet ... whether that be in cobbler or otherwise

Breaking it down this away upon further examination doesn't make sense to me. A is saying the new web app will possibly be included with or replace parts of Spacewalk essentially means it will be included with or replace parts of cobbler because cobbler is being added to spacewalk. B is saying that the pulp-like things sans interface should be added to cobbler, which is the same as adding them to spacewalk because cobbler is being added to spacewalk, except the entire idea of a UI is left out. So A appears to equal B, except B does not have a UI for repo management, or is hooking cobbler up to spacewalk's existing 'repo management' UI. The limitations of spacewalk's existing repo management UI and underlying system is the whole reason pulp was proposed in the first place. :)

I prefer to think about this in terms of user problems to solve, not project names / code bases / backends vs. UI.


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