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Re: [Pulp-list] Unit Tests and Temp Directories

On 08/19/2010 06:36 AM, Jason Dobies wrote:
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Same comment applies to cert generation too:

cmd = 'openssl x509 -req -sha1 -CA /etc/pki/pulp/ca.crt -CAkey
/etc/pki/pulp/ca.key -set_serial %s -days 3650' % serial

/etc/pki/pulp isn't writeable by my user so this command is going to bomb.

I'd rather make these configuration values and override them in tests
than have our pulp-dev script do even more running around my machine
loosening permissions. That approach would ultimately mess us up since
it would bring our dev environments further from what real deployments
would look like by having weak permissions.

the thing is, we are overriding them in the test config, at least for the /var/lib/pulp:


local_storage: /tmp/pulp

but, even thou we are loading this it is *not* getting overridden when the tests run. I spent a bit of time on Monday trying to figure out but then got distracted with other stuff and didn't go back to it. Definite bug in our tests and config file loading.


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