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Re: [Pulp-list] tito tagging

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On 06/30/2010 07:17 PM, Mike McCune wrote:
> Request:  Can you not include all the history in the changelog?  Our
> specfile will get very very large if we continue this, eg:
> - Link the grinder synchronized packages over to apache
>   (jason dobies redhat com)
> - was missing an import, and CompsException needed to be fully qualified
>   (jmatthew redhat com)
> - make the imports absolute to the files running
>   (mmccune gibson pdx redhat com)
> - added pulps configuration to wsgi script (jconnor redhat com)
> - changed the way juicer handles pulp's configuration at runtime
>   (jconnor redhat com)
> - added preliminary packages controllers cleanup in repositories and
> consumers
>   controllers (jconnor redhat com)
> - removing failed test (mmccune gibson pdx redhat com)
> - fixing the help options to render based on the command
> (pkilambi redhat com)
> - Adding consumer commands and actions to corkscrew (pkilambi redhat com)
> - debugging and testing of pulp rpm spec for new apache deployment
>   (jconnor redhat com)
> - removing gevet daemon deployment and adding apache deployment
>   (jconnor redhat com)
> - moving the POST to consumers call (pkilambi redhat com)
> - Adding webservices consumer calls based on available api.
>   (pkilambi redhat com)
> - pkg counts in cli reports and adding consumer connections
>   (pkilambi redhat com)
> - Temporary configuration loading (jason dobies redhat com)
> I just put in:
> * Wed Jun 30 2010 Mike McCune <mmccune redhat com> 0.0.32-1
> - rebuild
> Mike

But it looks so much more impressive if there are a lot of changes  :)

+1, that spec file was already a bit out of control in the changelog.

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