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Re: [Pulp-list] Messaging Questions

On 07/08/2010 05:06 PM, Jason Dobies wrote:
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Open questions which I see:

1) Does pulp require durable queues? Do I want to ensure that a packge
is updated the next time it wakes up? If so, we need to handle queue
purging. Perhaps this is tied to consumer deletion.

2) Can the same message (install package) be sent P2P Sync, Fire and
Forget, and broadcast. I think the answer to this should be yes. If so,
in broadcast, is there a notion of the success/failure?
1 and 2 are kinda related, so I'll answer both here.

This is a really interesting question. If a user says to install a
package and the agent isn't currently available, will the user still
want it installed in the future when it is available?

I think if we add a time factor to the request (i.e. "only do this if
you get the message before 8am") I'm more inclined to go with only using
durable queues for package installs. It feels like too critical of an
operation to leave open to a non-guaranteed paradigm.

3) Will Jason Dobies choose to argue against himself who is arguing
against himself? if so, is he correct no matter what the outcome?
I'm glad you came to the realization that I'm always correct. :)

4) Is there a hearbeat requirement? I have not heard of any.
It's starting to sound like there is. If we go durable queues, this is
gonna be the way we clean up queues for dead agents. Even if there
isn't, I think it's a trivial enough addition to give us minimalistic
availability information. Good bang for the buck there.

We sort of had this with Satellite and rhn-check. Out of the box, managed systems check in with the server every 4-hours. We then high-light inactive systems. Seems to me that a heartbeat is a good way to achieve similar information. So, IMO, it is a requirement.

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