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[Pulp-list] gevent

Hi All,

While investigating a defect today (juicer not responding to the DELETE
request for a repository), I discovered that gevent was passing requests
to web.py that were malformed with the request method was one of the
following: PUT, DELETE, TRACE, or OPTIONS.

To truly accommodate RESTful APIs, we'll certainly by using DELETE and
quite possibly PUT request. This makes gevent currently unsuitable for
our needs.

I have pushed a wsgi script and an apache config file that allows for
deployment via httpd. I'll be adding them to the rpm and posting
instructions on their deployment shortly.

I do apologize for the time wasted pursuing this avenue. We'll be moving
forward with apache deployment instead of daemon deployment.

Jason L Connor
Senior Software Engineer
Systems Management and Cloud Enablement
Red Hat, Inc.
Freenode: linear

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