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Re: [Pulp-list] Tests

On 06/07/2010 01:25 PM, Jason Dobies wrote:
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I added in test cases for the synchronizing RHN repos. Thing is, in
order to do it, you need to have your local box configured to be able to
access RHN.

To differentiate between test requirements, I shuffled around things in
the test directory. There's a README in there that describes what each
directory is, but in short they are broken out by environment requirements:

unit - Can be run with just a database
ws - Web service tests that need a running pulp server
rhn - Need the machine running the tests to be able to access RHN
(systemid, etc)

The only potential complication is for people who have been running
tests from the git root. You can still try that, but that will run *all*
of these tests, so your environment will have to be pretty well
configured. So keep this in mind when you go to run the tests.

our hudson job only executes the test/unit and test/ws dirs so that should be OK.

Speaking of the unit tests, I'm currently looking through and fixing the
ones that are breaking.

awesome, thanks for looking into them.


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