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Re: [Pulp-list] Scheduled repo sync

On 06/14/2010 07:58 AM, seth vidal wrote:
On Mon, 2010-06-14 at 10:49 -0400, Jason Dobies wrote:
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I put together an outline of how the feature is going to work (not
really the implementation yet, just use cases) if anyone wants to take a

you might add a common use case which is:

  user/admin wants to sync a repo and then prune out pkgs older than N
revisions back from their synced repos and recreate the metadata.
   (essentially reposync&&  repomanage -n $N&&  createrepo -d
--unique-md-filenames .)


great idea, we are part of the way to supporting this already in that our tool (grinder) that does the sync from the remote source. It has an option to only keep N number of old packages in the repo but we need to add this to the definition of the repo in pulp. That way whenever we sync a repo we will be sure to adhere to that policy.

This is sort of separate from the scheduling aspect but is definitely important.

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