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Re: [Pulp-list] Package.id switched to UUID

On 06/14/2010 04:56 PM, Mike McCune wrote:
I pointed out to jortel in this irc conversation:


that when fetching a package with the REST api based on the package's ID
the query looks like:

    GET /packages/(u'test_consumerwithpackage', u'1', u'1.2.3', u'1.el5',

which is exceedingly nasty and hard as a caller to know what the heck to

To that end I'm going to switch from this type of ID for Package objects:

-        self._id = str((name, epoch, version, release, arch, checksum))
+        self._id = str(uuid.uuid4())

I'm actually considering switching all our objects to use UUIDs for
their primary keys.  This means any object could be found with:


which looks like:

GET /packages/1c8838f0-be76-4b62-a0cf-c450a5d618e2/

you can still get packages matching by doing:

GET /packages/?name=some-name&arch=i386

which will also find all matching packages with the params specified.


Just pushed the change for Package class.  Prad, note the:


test is failing and I left it that way since you are reworking how all the consumer -> package association goes.

Mike McCune
mmccune AT redhat.com
Red Hat Engineering       | Portland, OR
Systems Management        | 650.254.4248

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