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Re: [Pulp-list] RESTful Practices

Looks good Jason.  Thanks for pulling this together.

My initial comment is about the term "domain". REST is an OO paradigm and you refer to objects (and object-type) in the document. I suggest replacing "domain" and "object-type" with "class".


On 06/16/2010 07:56 PM, Jason L Connor wrote:
Hi All,

I've put together a document on the wiki describing the practices I
think we should adopt for juicer's rest api.


A couple of caveats:
       * the document's tone is authoritative, but it is just a draft and
         open for comments and criticisms.
       * the document does not reflect the condition of the current api.
         please don't be fooled by the examples.

Please take a look at this document at your earliest convenience. All
feedback can be sent to this mailing list.


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